Today's Jalas wake up call focused on us all being the people who are always ready to make a difference in our society.

He talked about going back to the community that made you and at least and touching their hearts and giving back.

"In your life all the time be that person who wants to make a difference and who sees an opportunity. Be that person who wants to make people happy, make somebody smile and someone who sees beyond themselves." Jalas said.

Jalas was touched by French rally champion, Sebastien Ogier who won the recently concluded, Safari rally Kenyan edition.

Ogier who was touched by the warmth shown by Kenyans during the race has announced his intention to give back to the community by supporting Nakuru children’s project and the Ol Pejeta conservancy with 10,000 euros each.

That is what Ogier can do in his capacity doing something that is national, but you as a person when you go back to where you went to school and the community that brought you up.

There is a lot that you are able to do. Go back and make a difference to the very community that made you who you are.” Added Jalas.

Touched by those words, Kamene added that the most beautiful thing that one can do is creating a chain of blessing. Whereby you become a blessing to someone when God blesses you.

“Let’s devolve this abundance. You go somewhere give and you never know the joy that you can get when you come through for someone and when someone smiles because of you.” Said Kamene.