Chito and Cyd on The Kiss FM Drive are out here to tell these polygamous couples that there needs to be respect.

Of course this all comes from the battle of the wives, Amira, Amber Ray and Jimal on The Real Housewives of Syokimau.

"So Amira shares pictures of her and the hubby back in the day and reveals that Jamal would send her to Amber Ray's house on different occasions just to avoid her suspicions when it comes to Jimal and Amber. More to this, regarding his financial situation, Amira says his not as rich as it seems." Cyd explained to Chito

Chito was very clear that the first wife always knows.

"That is where I was like daymn. The first wife always knows. Heshimu bibi was kwanza. She knows the truth. One thing I have to respect her for though is that she has taken the fight to the husband and not the co-wife.

First of all, young polygamous people, we need to have a conversation. If you're going to be young and polygamous, do it like your grandfathers. Heshima lazima iwe kwa boma.

Tell wife number one this is number two and the second one should know she will never be number one and let that be clear on the household."

Cyd added,

"And respect all of them equally. "

Chito who is very educated when it comes to matters relationships said this,

"Equally? Aii, there can never be equal respect in a polygamous household. One of you ni mbwakni the other one is the original. "

Stay woke.