Jalang’o has been skeptical about whether there really are dramatic boyfriends out there. He wanted to know if they exist and if so, where.

Shock on him! Kamene was seated next to him ready to spill the tea regarding her experience with a dramatic boyfriend, who left her with an egg on her face.

There was this one maybe two years ago, I really love to travel you know me. If I can afford to be out of Nairobi over the weekend I’m out! Kamene narrated.

She added,

So Kawaida I am not the one to be told what to do, so I’m like ‘I’m off to coasto for the weekend.’ So nimepanda ndege and nime land coasto and huko at baggage claim waiting for my bag, just chilling and talking to some two guys.

Tukipiga stories, I don’t where this mandem chomokad from at the airport and was like; “Oh so these are your new boyfriends?”

Kamene says all this was happening in front of her CEO friend and all she needed to do was walk out of the situation to avoid more embarrassments.

She went ahead to state that nowadays men are slowly becoming more dramatic than women.

Case in point, one female caller recalled how she was forced out of her man’s out and was made to leave everything he had bought her behind, including her inner wears.

"Nishawahi nyang'anywa nguo na kila kitu alikuwa amenunua..

Manze nilikuwa natoka kwa hiyo nyumba na dress moja. He told me to take everything except what he had bought for me. Alibaki Hadi na panty na bra sijui kama alikuwa anazivaa ama." Said the female caller.