Remember I told y 'all 2021 is an opportunity for the entertainment industry to recover after it was shaken in 2020.

It is about expanding and coming up with new ways to engage with your fans. Betty Kyallo has decided to go the reality show way. Not like what she has on her YouTube channel, this time, she went all in.

By all in I mean, Eugene Mbugua (Sol Family and This is Love producer)and Mwaniki Mageria.

Taking to social media she made the announcement saying,

“So guys we are here to view our first reality show, we are viewing for the first time. Mercy are you excited… we have just watched the pilot to our first reality show. We are here with Eugene of Young Rich TV, this gonna be huge, we have just watched the pilot and hits huge. The quality, the content, the storyline, the personalities are just amazing.”

From her Instagram Stories today, clearly Mercy and Gloria will be part of it. We do not know who else will be featured but we hope in one of the first episodes she will address the elephant in the room. If you know, you know.