Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Kamene believes no woman or man should suffer the consequences of someone else's mistakes.

She says she was shocked to learn that her friend's friend was cheated on by her boyfriend and that she was an emotional wreck.

Kamene says, it is about time we stop carrying people's burdens and let people face their mistakes, misgivings and bad behaviors.

"My love please stop suffering for somebody else’s mistakes, actions and misgivings. He cheated, he is the one who cheated why are you the one who is suffering?" Kamene said.

She added,

He is the one who messed up the bad behaviors are his the misgivings are his why are you the one who is suffering?

Can we be pragmatic about ourselves babes cause you are heartbreaking for things you should not be heartbroken over. He is the one who cheated he should be the one suffering mbona unambebea mauchungu? Throw it away.

What do you think of Kamene's sentiments? 

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