Mama Summer who is also known as Chantelle Petit has opened up about the hustle of being a content creator.

Now it may look all fun and easy when you see a 10-second video but there has been a lot of work that has been put in. By work, I mean like hours on hours.

Taking to social media, Chantelle said,


"I remember the day I shot this TikTok. It took me maybe three hours, THREE WHOLE HOURS to shoot these 9 seconds you see. Being a content creator can be tiring AF sometimes especially when you sit & realize just how much time goes into it. That’s why your support means the most to me because it reassures me that all is not being done in vain. Show your favorite content creators love today & every day. It’s important & they need it to keep going 😊"

Chantelle creates content not only alone but also with her daughter and we love that content because other than quality, her daughter is so adorable.