Rich Mavoko was once a part of WCB just like Harmonize, and their exit from the music label was not very silent.

Speaking to Massawe, he says leaving was because they were not on the same page business-wise.

''We disagreed business-wise. I had my stand and he had his and so, I left.'' He said and refused to add more to that.

Massawe further asked him if his leaving Wasafi affected his music. Mavoko said;

''I was doing music before Wasafi and I am still doing music. All I can say is maybe market-wise, it did affect me.''

Kindly remember the last time he was asked about this, he said that he felt his contract was very 'exploitative and malicious'.

According to Mavoko, the label has unrealistic demands and only wants things done their way without putting the artist’s desires into consideration.

Now that he is on his own, let's see how the music game will be for him. Karibu Kenya.