Kenyan Country music artiste Elvis Nyaruru has just released his first album.

Titled ‘Gichagi’, Elvis says it has been an easy ride and he feels blessed

“Has it been an easy ride getting here, hardly, but this is what I know, it’s been an absolute blessing, joy and hard work. Just to see this day makes me grateful to God and my fans, ladies and gentlemen, my album Gichagi, is out!” Elvis said

From humble beginnings in the coastal parts of Kenya, Elvis Nyaruri not only transcended from a purely swahili speaking region but also has become a sensation in the country music scene. Having previously recorded and released, 'I Just Can’t Wait To Go Home', 'I’ll Be Doing Fine', 'In Mombasani' and 'Mapenzi', finally the 13 tracked album Gichagi is out.

Gichagi is a masterpiece, having been produced by Elvis Nyaruri himself, co-composed by Elvis Nyaruri and Mac Van Rosi, arranged, and mastered by Jesse Bukindu and Lucas famously of Ogopa DJs, all the 13 tracks bless you with a pure 47 minutes of bliss.

About 'She Was Hurting Slowly', which is the focus track to the album, generally tells of this girl, who left the Gichagi life, got married to a rich guy and had kids. Unfortunately living off this guy and not having the brains to save for darker days, the guy passes on. The girl chooses a carefree life of drinking, while she could just have gone home, Gichagi.