Babu Tale, who was elected an MP in Tanzania has revealed he needs some counseling.

Through his Instagram page, the Morogoro South constituency MP said he has not managed to sleep peacefully as he is always thinking about his wife.

Check out Babu Tale's post;


"There are things I don't wish for anyone. Don't wish for your spouse to die and leave you. I am going through a tough life every time you feel you are okay, you realize the grief is still there.

Today is my ninth day of unending pain. I have not admired visiting a counselor but I know I am in dire need of them since I am not okay. I am always thinking about my wife. May her soul rest in peace."

He may be having a lot going on in his life to try and distract him, but grief has no formula. 

Babu was recently with Diamond for the tour just after he was nominated for the BET Awards. The two went round meeting legendary artistes and producers and then for the icing on the cake, they came home with a Rolls Royce.