Amber Ray has proved to us that no matter what, love wins. I mean she had so much hate all over her social media even fights, but nothing beats her love for Jimal.

If you're a keen follower, I am sure you had seen her page had her husband's name there just in case you forgot.

But if you pay a visit to her page, she is now just Amber Ray. No Jimal. She added his name after he met her family as his wife. And I mean he has been declaring it all over.

Amber Ray social media profile
Amber Ray social media profile
Image: Amber's Instagram

In a recent interview with Mpasho, Jimal said that both his wives have their faults so he cannot say either of them is bad.

"On that, I cannot talk about it because no one between the two of them is good. Wote wako na makosa zao. And I have had discussions with both of them privately but they are both adults and they want to do things how they see fit. Let them do what their heart desires."



"There is a point it gets, if you teach the first wife and teach the second wife and see that they are not getting along, you sit back and relax and watch. I cannot say either of them is bad."