Zari Hassan and her Dark Stallion
Zari Hassan and her Dark Stallion
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But why do y 'all like disturbing Zari Hassan's peace? She was just enjoying her life with her dark stallion then boom.

In an Instagram post, Zari was responding to a follower, Mary Wairimu who claimed that Zari and Dark Stallion were no longer an item.

“Ila kiukweli siamini kama huyu darkie ni mchumbake jamani.” wrote Mary wrote

Responding to this, Zari angrily wrote,

 “Let me break it down for you. You are used to men you can Google and bully when it suits you, when it’s someone you don’t know or google about then it’s a problem. Some people are low-key, some people are drama-free, some people don’t want any of your bullshit. I guess that bothers you. Who is he? What does he do? Where does e come from? Who are his exes? So we can stalk and bully them, what car does he drive, what kinda houses does he live in, what’s his profession, what’s his name worth to mention a few. You are bullies and guess what, there’s no info about this one and that’s what perturbing you. Move along, if you think he is my driver, I’m glad. Let him stay a driver so y ’all can rest your cases. #NotEveryoneisIntoProvingAPoint.”

There was a time we all thought there was trouble between them when she said she had to let him go. She did not say who the 'him' is but as social media in-laws, we put one and one together.