Akothee seems to be living her best life yet. Under the arms of the man she loves on this cold, who wouldn't want that?

Taking to social media, she made it clear that she needs to take a break to enjoy this good life saying she will be back. Rest is good.

"I have finally achieved everything I prayed for. I will take a break from my daily workout routine and social media to concentrate on my family. You guys, don't stop working out, you need it for your mental health. I will be back someday #madamboss."

Akothee then posted a picture cuddling in the arms of a very strong man just there enjoying some Netflix and chill. And of course, the assumption will be since Nelly Oaks is back, it has to be him.

"The mighty Arm every Woman would wish to have πŸ™ We play strong πŸ€” but that is just away of us surviving in this harsh , judgmental world. I pray for every single Woman out their to meet a soul mate πŸ™ A man that will accept you with all your defaults ,error and baggage πŸ’ͺ even if it will last for only a few years πŸ™ But Every Woman Should be in the Arms of A MAN ,I don't care about the remote 🀣🀣🀣 he can change all channels if he wants too.my Eyes on him PERIOD .Even God Asked Noah to build an ARCH and All Animals has to go inn two ,by two . πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸŒπŸŒThe bible says So πŸ™Women keep your marriage intact πŸ™."