Yesterday we all got the shocking news that 'Ndovu Ni Kuu' by Krispah featuring Khalighraph and Boutross was pulled down from YouTube after gaining more than 3 million views.

This news has made so many people unhappy with the way YouTube is handling things and they have aired out their opinions.

According to Krispah, this all started when someone claiming that he represents Kenyatta University with allegations the beat was a stolen from his song.

We have seen so many people use that to gain clout and views and this really frustrates artistes who have put in time and money to create a hit song.

Watch Krispah explain the whole story below:

Many artistes and entertainers are not pleased so here are a few of the comments:

Mulamuah: Tangu YouTube waseme ati national anthem ya Kenya ni beats za Magix Enga skuizi siwaaamini ata kidogo . Waweke tu ofisi CBD .

YY Comedian: Why does YouTube prioritize those who claim and not the ones that uploaded? YouTube saa hii even I can just wake up na niseme Otile amesample beat yangu na YouTube inatoa ngoma ata bila any valid proof

Anyiko: Wah this is truly unwarranted!!!

Krisserroh: WAKWENDE!!!

Boutross: Chuki ndio ita tumaliza #ndovunikuu

We hope the song will be back on YouTube because it is a huge banger.