You have heard so many people say that debts help people survive and grow even in their business.

Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas were talking about the shame that comes with taking up a debt here in Kenya.

"I was following up on a story on these loan apps. These apps zimepeleka watu mbio sana. It was called debt of shame. This is how they shame you. It says, 'allow the app to access contact', 'allow the app to take selfie'. They anika you full.


Imagine your mum just chilling and she gets a phone call, your girlfriend is being told your boyfriend took a loan with us. The worst one was when a pastor called to tell his congregants who had taken a loan to repay."

A shocked Kamene asked,

"But why would you call the pastor?"

Jalas played a clip courtesy of Citizen TV where a pastor was called by a debt collector and he did not understand why.

Speaking to the collector, the pastor asked him why he keeps calling yet he does not have an agreement with them. The collector told him that is none of his business and that the one who took the loan (a member of his church) signed him up as a guarantor.

Jalas made it clear that there is someone who wakes up to collect debts and their job is to call anyone possible until they get the money.

"It is bad. Today there is someone who wakes up to call you to pay a loan I took."

"You will not humiliate me because of one thousand bob and the worst thing is they have my selfie." Kamene said