This morning on Jalas wake up call, the presenter was keen on reminding his listeners to stop settling for less.


He says, we have developed the habits of being complacent with the little we have instead of wanting more, craving for bigger goals and successes.

“Work hard, so that you don’t take pictures while eating chips,” Jalas said.

He added,


Chips here are being used as a metaphor and it is used to show you how people get satisfied with nothing. Just because someone is able to pay rent for a small house he is happy.

Unaskianga bora nimekunywa chai na mkate mimi niko sawa. When would you want bacon to be there, when would you want sausages to be there?“

He says we are so OK with being in our comfort zones because we know to have more we’ll be required to push ourselves harder.

Jalas wants you to change your mentality and stop being excited by the smallest of things and go for more and bigger ones and make sure you leave a mark.