Kiss FM's Jalas made it to Papa Shirandula's memorial service that was held yesterday at Pride Azure.

Attended by many of the late's colleagues and friends, emotions ran high especially for Papa's family as many assured they would take care of them without fail.

Speaking to Kalondu on Kiss100 online, Jalas gave the best memory he shared with the late.

"Without Papa. there would not be Jalang'o because he gave me this name. That is how big the impact is. Right now you would be talking to Felix Oduor but you're talking to Jalas aka heavy J Baba.

Best memory is when we went to buy Papa his car. You know the script says he is a rich guy. So we went to the showroom and picked a car for him. And we opted for the Hammer. So at the last minute, we told him this looks like this car and we told him we go with it. He caught for real forget about the script. " Jalas said

From left: Shiks Kapienga, Wibroda, Jalas and Jacky Vike
From left: Shiks Kapienga, Wibroda, Jalas and Jacky Vike
Image: Moses Mwangi

Because his role model Papa lived a life that was admired by many, we asked Jalas what legacy he would want to live and the wise man said, it is all about the impact he will leave.

"In life, there is one thing, each and every single day. Today I can be drinking this and it chokes me and I die. We are living on God's bonus. Make sure in life that if anyone looks at you, it is how you impacted their life and not how life impacted you.


Rich people live for long because so many people pray for them.  You see of you have employed 20 people the always pray for you because in each, there is a household that is living because of then. I want to live an impact even in small ways.

My dreams are bigger than any salary and that is why a job has not stopped me."

Jalas went ahead to state the plans he has as the next Langata MP.

"Like you guys know I have officially declared that Heavy J  Baba is the incoming MP of Langata and currently, the MP is sitting on deposit. Koriri is my friend and he knows that I am coming to take over. So he needs to know that the new MP is coming to take over so he needs to clear. I am coming in to take over.


The day you see my name on the ballot paper, be sure I am coming in to take over. I do not participate in things I can not have. 

Let me tell you it sad that people of Langata in today's age still complain of basic things like water. Of all the things.  My bid=ggest bream about Lanata is helping the youth. At 38, I am lucky that I still get to hang around you guys and so I understand what you guys need and want."

Watch the rest of his plan for Langata as the next MP.