Since it's a holiday and many people will take more time in bed with their significant other as y'all scroll through social media, we all have that one fear.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas were talking about what pop-up notifications can do to your relationship.

"Opening a message you did not want to open from someone you do not want to talk to but immediately you open, they will know you have seen it. 'sasa ameona nimeone'." Jalas said

But Kamene added the worst one,

"The ones that hurt is DM pale Instagram that says 'seen 8 minutes ago"

There is always that one or two messages you just never want to open because ni stress tu.


"There is also when you read part of a message before opening it. It starts with 'hi how are you doing?' Then you open kumbe there is more than you find, 'I need a favor' and you start asking why did I open aki."

Then Kamene brought up the notification pop up and the anxiety it gives people.

"If you think that is embarrassing, have you seen on the phone when you get a message, the message just pops up on the screen unless you have changed the settings."

Laughing out loud, Jalas was clear hiyo alitoa kitambo sana.

"Ah! Hiyo nilitoa kabisa! Ishawahi niingisha kwa shida. Tabu tu. That notification setting is dangerous. When you're watching something then your significant other wants to see, you are there praying noting happens within that time span."

To be safe, Kamene spoke through experience saying just avoid your phone being a ticking timebomb.

"You  know what helps, give full access to your phone. The mans can access my phone fingerprint yake iko hapa and I can unlock his too. Once you do that, you're not living in fear."