Just like so many celebrity moms, Kate actress is among those not ready for another baby.

It had been a while since she did her frequent 'Ask me a question' segment and this time there so many questions on motherhood. 

One of her followers asked the actress when she will get her third baby. 

She responded;

"Can't be me! I would rather sit on banana peels and slide to town, to and fro)

This is a clear translation that she has closed that chapter of adding more children into her family with Phillip Karanja.

In the segment, Kate also encouraged single mums that they can still find love and get married. 

"Just take care of yourself, your kids come first. If they want you they will look for you. Stop looking for them," she advised. 

For the singles, who are yet to get married or become parents, Kate Actress told them;

"Parenting is a lifetime contract, unless you are ready for it, sis, just leave it. But it is beautiful."