Sunday was a day full of emotions for the family and close friends of the late Papa Shirandula.

They came together to celebrate the life that he lived and pay tribute to him a year after his demise.

Jalas, Otoyo and Njoro stood out after promising to cater for Papa's daughter's school fees up until she completes school. Read the whole story below:

Speaking to Kalondu after the ceremony, Otoyo had a lot of good memories he shared with the late Charles Bukeko.

He made sure fans watching the interview would understand what it meant working with Papa and so he dramatized a lot of the memories.

One thing Otoyo said that was such a moving tribute is that Papa treated everyone like family. Especially according to the character they played alongside him in the show.

He would go above and beyond just like family would and that is what made the show not only about the script but a relationship beyond the screen.

Watch the interview below: