Corazon Kwamboka has always had that body many women crave to own. 

Even after she gave birth, she did not gain a lot of baby fat and to make things even better for her, she has a man who is a fitness coach and enthusiast and so he has really helped her get back in shape.

Taking to social media, she posted a TBT picture of her appreciating the meal that she looked like.

"How was I in my early 20s here? Looking like a whole meal 🥘. Going through an old page and the memories there are plenty. That’s what some of us use Instagram for. This is like a gallery to me, phones get old and get lost but you can always count on Instagram and Facebook to keep all those memories." Corazon captioned the picture 

She has been sharing her TBT's and before this one, the last one had so many people talking and they were not saying good things.

The above picture was posted just when Maureen Waititu was in Colombia having the time of her life with her manz and people insinuated she was out there competing to be relevant.

Of course, you know Corazon hawawekangi, she called the haters out.