Professor Hamo decided shame will not be his calling. 

This after he was exposed for being a deadbeat father by Jemutai and things went south. He took time to listen to advice from the likes of Churchill and had a sit down with Jemutai and today, they are a happy couple.

Basically, Jemuati is his second wife but just like Amber Ray, Jimal and Amira love triangle, we do not know if Hamo's first wife accepted it all. But as they say, mambo ya watu wawili, wacha.

Hamo took to social media last night with a picture of him and Jemutai on land that he has bought for the family saying he is ready to build a house for the family.

"I know we've been through a lot but it's not how we start but how we finish that matters, it took time for you to believe that I wanted my family to be together and happy, it's still a work in progress but this is a start. I can build a house, you'll definitely make it a home."

I am also questioning, will they all live together just like Omosh is supposed to live with his two families in his recently acquired house?