There was a very interesting and super hilarious conversation between Kamene and Jalas this morning which left the former in stitches.

Cab you imagine if both men and women had the power to mold their own ideal lovers?

Jalang'o says since men are visual beings, AKA opticians, they would mold their partners according to features they love in a woman, while some would also incorporate make up and wigs. 

“There are men who love big women, there are men who love slender women, there are men who are dashboard lovers and there are men who are back benchers. So you will see different versions of women” Jalas said.

However, he believes that if the roles were reversed, most women wouldn’t mold anything.

They would take the clay, sell and keep the money and use any other man that has been created by somebody else“

I see no lies, guys!

Check out the hilarious video below;