ringtone after he was discharged from KNH after being assaulted by alai
courtesy ringtone after he was discharged from KNH after being assaulted by alai

Musician Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, and blogger Robert Alai were on Friday involved in an altercation which turned physical.

Alai was arrested and detained at Kilimani police station on allegations of beating Ringtone with a wooden club.

Police said they were talking to Alai for “clarification” on what led to the violence and road rage.

Alai did not respond to calls.

In a video circulated on social media, Ringtone was seen distributing  money to pedestrians and boda boda riders before the incident.

The incident happened along University Way.

Kilimani police boss Muturi Mbogo said officers from the DCI at the sub county were handling the matter.

Officials said the two accused each other of obstruction in a scuffle that began on Oloitoktok Road and spread to Dennis Pritt and Likoni roads.

Alai was accused of hitting Ringtone’s car at a roundabout on Oloitoktok Road.

Although the genesis of the drama remains unclear, several videos showed what is believed to be Alai’s car blocking the musician’s car.

At University Way, Ringtone was seen atop his Ranger Rover when Alai came out of his Subaru with a wooden club.

Pedestrians milling around the scene were heard questioning why the blogger used the club.

Ringtone is also heard accusing Alai of taking the law into his own hands.

“Kwa nini umenipiga…haijalishi…kubeba sheria kwa mkono (Why have you beaten me…it does not matter…taking the law into your own hands),” Ringtone said.