Diamond Platnumz is that guy people will choose to dislike and diss but manz is making it out here and nothing is stopping his success story.

The Tanzanian singer who is also WCB CEO is said to be one of the most expensive musicians in East Africa. To fly the star out of his country, to the food and accommodation for him and his crew is not counted as part of his payment.

Speaking in a recent radio interview, Mr. Platnumz' manager Sallam SK said that Diamond is paid a whooping 70,000 USD which is equivalent to Ksh 7 million for a show outside Tanzania.

Sallam also revealed that WCB signee Zuchu is paid a whooping 20,000 USD which is about Ksh 2 million for a show which is outside Tanzania. Please note she joined the industry barely a year ago. That is what you call a successful mentorship.

Many Tanzanian artistes are now making money in the millions for a show within or away and that is where they want to take the entertainment industry.

Just the other day we saw Diamond cruise in a Rolls Royce and then got a sneak peek into his garage and the toys he has. A testimony that good music does pay.