King Kaka has fed us some very interesting information when it comes to the first time he became a father to their first child with Nana Owiti.

Nana was still living with her parents, so he had to device a way to pretend to see her.

Speaking on Nana's YouTube channel, the couple opened up on parenthood, and the fears they had about it.


"When we got Geezy, we did not even have money, no car. I used to take a motorbike to Kitengela to see Nana. I would cover my head with a hat, and a scarf on my face," he said.

Being their first child, they both had their fears. Just like any responsible man, King Kaka was afraid his financial situation was not good enough to take care of a child and for Nana it was about the pain of giving birth.

"I had traumas from my ushago, I saw my auntie give birth. I was in class three or four. When I heard the baby cry, I walked in to see. I found my aunt filled with blood. The sight of that and how she wailed scared me.


"I was a few steps ahead in parenting because I started raising my sister when I was 19.I was scared about giving birth, and whether I will be fit enough as a mother. So as I don't make mistakes that were done to me as a child."