Melvin Alusa, a Kenyan actor who was trending a couple of weeks ago has won an international award as the best actor in a feature film. 

Alusa bagged the award in the just completed Zanzibar International Film Festivals. 

The celebrated actor has earned the award after his lead act on the 'Mission To Rescue' film that premiered on Baze in January 2021.

Taking to social media, he posted a picture holing the award and made the announcement saying,

"Mission to rescue, best feature film and I was awarded the Best Actor award AT ZIFF. God, I give thanks and praise to you. It's a feeling like no other,"

Remember I said he was trending a few weeks ago? A lot of people learned that he is Bien's brother after some major accusations that Bien refused to comment on but commended his acting skills.

Today, he was a proud brother. He took to social media a congratulatory message saying,

"Congratulations to my brother. For scooping BEST ACTOR in a feature film at the Zanzibar International Film Fest.

It warms my heart that you are reaching for your dreams with ruthless execution. Love you bro. Onwards and upwards,"  Bien wrote.

Alusa is also famous for his role in the Kenyan series, Crime and Justice.