Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss have analyzed Anerlisa Muigai's post on the danger of elevating a man.

According to the CEO, she said do not elevate a man.

"Anerlisa woke up and decided to press violence. She said where you found a man, leave him there and let him elevate himself. Have your money and enjoy it alone. If he loves you, he will elevate himself." Jalang'o said

Responding to this, Kamene was in agreement with Anerlisa saying it is now a catastrophe.

"You do not know it but it has became an extreme problem very dangerous. You think you're elevating him kumbe you're just making him lazy."

Jalang'o then added that men have even gone as far as making it a career.


"Let's talk about not evaluating. We go to a club and you order chicken and since you do not want me to evaluate myself, I take my mutura and balozi because I can afford it.

You know there are people who have made it a career to be elevated by women at it is sad."

Watch the rest of the conversation below: