Marya Prude has made it very clear in case you want to stop her at an Amapiano event and ask her if she will get married anytime soon.

Of course, after her ex-husband, Willis Raburu moved on, got another babe and is not a father, the only question people have to Marya is what about her.

First of all, the saying goes, everyone has their time to get over a heartbreak, so give her time. But in the meantime, digest these.

Marya answered to a fan that she doesn’t wish to get married again but if the right person comes into her life, she can give it a try one more time.

“I’m not wishing but I’m open to it if the right person comes”.

She told another fan that she is not only seeing someone but people. Now that is a very ambiguous statement. It is up to you to interpret it how you like it. But then again, she said she is single.

“I’m not seeing someone, I’m seeing people, LOL”. 

Marya was introduced to the public after she got married to Willis Raburu in a private ceremony. Sadly they lost their child on the first day of 2020 and the next thing we know, they split.