Kiss FM's Jalang'o keeps his family life very and I mean very private. I mean we got to know about his Jaber after pictures were leaked.

As for his children, barely of ever seen. We get to his child with Boyo and that should be just about it. And that, he once said he was not up for it because he did not want people to treat her any different including the teachers.

Heavy J says the reason he keeps his children away from the public eye is that he doesn't want to subject them to unwanted trolls


In a recent interview with Tanzania's 'Ayo TV', he revealed he has three children.

"I have one kid with my first girlfriend and two with my wife. But I never want to speak about my family and no one has ever seen my kids on social media. I want them to make their decision.

Some people love me and some hate me, so sometimes you could post your children and they are trolled. You know, the Internet is not a safe place." He shared