Just like Kamene and Jalas are saying this here morning, the Covid-19 vaccine side effects are no joke. But you need it so you just hold on.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, they gave their experiences after they both got the jab on the same day. Jalas at one point thought all this was a dream.

"I was high like a kite. I get to the house baby gives me something to eat, I shower then bedtime. Weh! It started like a joke. Usiku wa matisa, am like am I in a river? Am I dreaming or something? My whole body sweating and I tell babe, I am dying.


She goes to the medicine corner. She has a corner you'd think is a chemist. She brings some Panadol to cool the fever. Nikameza. Sijui kama iliongeza? Now I was sweating through every single hole in my body. Every single pore." Jalas explained

It was so bad he couldn't make it to work - hence his absence yesterday-.

"I don't know what she does, I sleep a bit at like 4 I wake and I cannot. I am just shaking. In short, I am dying.


I then send a message in our group telling you guys this vaccine imenilemea and I can't make it."

Kamene who also got the vaccine was not that badly off she made it to work but it was not easy.

"Jalas is the last person to lemewa and when he said he can't. Haya, I wake up to that and for me first of all, half of my left side is aching and everything is cold. No matter what I was not getting the heat.

We were here with Charity because she also got vaccinated. I was not okay. Trying to lift my arm was a problem I am hot in here. Boss, wacha nitoke hii studio, I was with my sister at the heater with hoodies on we are so clothed and we are not talking. It is so cold.

I remember there was a time I stood up from the couch to go get another blanket when I came back I was just panting. This thing is not a joke and then my heart starts pounding"

The one thing that will last a while is the numbness of the injected arm and the pain.

"Right now when we were taking a picture I forgot about the vaccinated hand I lifted it then the pain hit."