Pierra Makena has been crying all weekend after her long-awaited event in Meru was canceled after all the planning that went into it.

The government issued restrictions via Mutahi Kagwe in a press conference where he banned all social gatherings and that also meant anything that has a large crowd involved. 

The rate at which covid is spreading is serious and so strict measures have been put in place.

Pierra took to social media with a long message asking if the cancellation of the event was a personal problem or if it was really about covid.

"Now this is just painful. My event was allowed to continue after I was thrown out with my sound..😭😭😭😭😭SO IS THIS REALLY A COVID FIGHT???????? Authorities were sent to close my event. The only explanation they had was kuna COVID. I asked if they know that I curated my event to fit the new normal and they said they have been told not to allow me that's it...mkubwa amesema. Since I have no powers and no freedom in my own county let alone in my country. I set down and left immediately I left the police cars and trucks well known as mariamu followed and left. ...and all I was getting now was pictures of my event venue getting full...I changed my car and drove there...we parked and chilled...no one knew I was there. But sherehe ikaendelea. Guys in their cars only now my investment was going to the [email protected]_kagwe254 how else do you want me to be part of the solution???? Why are you doing this to me?? I was told orders came from @hon_kiraitu_murungi .....is that even true??? IS THIS THE KENYA WE WANT. ....? I'm tired but now I need answers."

People sided with her saying the government is slowly bringing down the country and people's hustles.

Pierra had assured the fans that the event will be safe as people will be required to have masks on and they will chill in their cars but sadly, the event did not take place in as much as it was in partnership with the county government.