One thing we as babes do not miss is kamisi and petticoats. Do you remember the stress we went through when we were young wearing them? 

I personally do not miss that era at all. And according to Jalas, it will never come back and we thank God.

Speaking to Kamene on The Morning Kiss, he explained what the use of Kamisi and petticoats was saying if there was ever a case to bring it back, they would lose.

"The death of Kamisi was very intentional. Because of the way things were going, dresses were becoming shorter and things were becoming smaller and others were being removed kabisa.

When it started, it was supposed to be longer than the skirt, hence the lace. Bit when the skirt became shorter there was no need. And the skirts became thicker to close transparent. Then people started wearing transparent things.

So whichever lawyer will want to represent kamisi, they will lose."