DaBaby has posted another apology for his comments about the LGBT community, saying he appreciates the "education" he has received since.

The US rapper also acknowledged that what he'd said on stage at Rolling Loud in Miami was "hurtful and triggering".

It comes as two more US music festivals have taken him off their line-ups.

In the latest post on Instagram, he said: "What I needed on these topics was education and guidance."

At the rapper's recent performance at Rolling Loud he made a number of negative and false comments regarding LGBT people and those who have HIV and AIDS.

He asked audience members to flash the lights on their phones, apart from those who were HIV-positive or gay men who "had sex in car parks".

He also claimed, falsely, that HIV will make you die in "two or three weeks".

Those with HIV can access medication to live long and healthy lives.

As a result, the rapper was dropped from Lollapalooza's line-up over the weekend, with organisers saying the festival "was founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect, and love".

Since then it has been announced that he will no longer appear at Governors Ball or Day N Vegas festival.