I am sure nobody wants to be taken down by COVID-19 but then again, no one wants to be taken down by poverty, hunger and depression too.

So many Kenyans are crying out t the government seeking answers and solutions to the pandemic other than lockdowns and curfews.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas are seeking the government to come up with a plan to vaccinate the majority of the population so that things can go back to normal. I mean just like every other country.

"I am very sad and serious about this. We are here extending curfews and lockdowns and gatherings yet we have billions that have already been donated towards this cause. Why can't we just get vaccination programs and just go back to normal?

We are seeing it in the UK. Football is coming back. That means full. In Stato Usher is performing full capacity." Jalas said

A concerned Kamene added that,

"For me Jalas this is personal and I will not tell you why but there are people employed and have a pay to deal with this situation. An entire government structure sitting and not helping the situation in any way just feasting while at the top. But I who has employed you is the one paying the price. It's not fair at all. How are other countries moving on and we are not? "

What surprises Jalas is there are so many things Kenyans can do but when it comes to the vaccine, that is where we draw the line.


"The government needs to elaborate an extensive vaccination program. It is only in Kenya where these things of last year are happening here. If you see the money in loans that we have been given, it does not give any sense.

We are 60 million people who KBL can supply alcohol to and Safaricom can send messages to but when it comes to vaccines, we can't vaccinate ourselves."

Adding that,

"Polio vaccine ya watoi came and in one week, millions were vaccinated and out." Kamene said


Jalas sent out a message to Health CS saying,

"Mutahi utawacha bwana CS. Please tu vaccinate people unless this corona is also a business."