Weezdom may be a very vocal man on social media but he will give you just the perfect amount of what you need to know.

We have seen him clout chase and all but in his most recent interview with KISS FM's Jalang'o on Bonga Na Jalas, he came in and shocked us all. 

Weezdom revealed that he is a father of four children. His first-born child is 12-years-old while the youngest is 2-years-old.


''I am a father of four, my firstborn is turning 12 next month. Watoto wako I just do not post them."

Weezdom even talked about the scandal where a lady took him to Kasarani police station, after she claimed she was pregnant for him and he denied it. 

That case made him get sidelined and from then on he felt he did not want to participate as a gospel artiste anymore and that is when he dropped his last song.

"I told Bahati to release me because I had to make money, I had a lot of things to look after including my four children, mother and siblings. He said he will not get rid of me and that is how I became his manager. But between us, we agreed on a certain amount and since I was not getting what we agreed, I just had to accept that I was a volunteer to him. I did not expect what he was paying me. That does not mean we are beefing. I just sat down with him and even after that, he prayed for me and I left." Weezdom said

It was bad for him, his landlord was seeing him all over but manz had not paid rent. So he had to make a decision and leave the 'voluntary' life and go look for money.