Anerlisa and Benpol before break up
Anerlisa and Benpol before break up
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Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai had that type of relationship we all wanted. But like they always say, you cannot be sure about what happens between two people who sleep in the same bed.

According to the Tanzanian singer, he says it was all God's plan that his marriage with the NERO CEO ended.

Speaking to Wasafi Media on why his marriage broke up, he said;


"There's a higher power that made everything that went the way it did. I might have used a lot of strength to do something but if God didn't intend, it won't work. God, had his plan."

Right now, Ben Pol is at peace with everything. 

"I am at peace. It is impossible to be happy all the time and sadness is also very important, you have to feel it. When I'm sad, I want to feel the feeling so that I don't feel it later," he shared. 

The 'Moyo Mashine' singer said had wanted to have a family and always pictured himself having a family portrait.

"If you get married, then you must have thought of wanting kids"

And no, Ben Pol was clear that his marriage did not end based on the claims that didn't have kids.