Is this what we call toxic masculinity? Jalas has told his fellow men to never call a cake shop ordering a cake for their birthday. 

Even worse, these birthday photoshoots are not for men, please.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas canceled some behaviors men should stop if they are about that life when it comes to birthdays.


"Are you crazy? What do you mean by order a cake for your birthday? You can not? That is supposed to be a surprise. Please dear men, do not call any cake company this should be a surprise and ask for a cake. As a matter of fact, do not have a birthday. " Jalas stated

Laughing out loud, Kamene mentioned those men who even go the extra mile and  cut cake and then apply cake cream on their faces.

"Now what do you want guys for 30-33? They say they want a birthday shoot then plan a trip to Vasha just the boys with nyama and drinks."

Jalas then went and listed down things men should do on their birthdays.

"Things a man can do for his birthday: Go to the forest, go hike and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go cross Mombasa road with your eyes closed. Do things but put balloons in the house no!"

"Yeah do no go for a photoshoot, mara set mark a cake mara the balloons with the numbers" Kamene added

Jalas was clear that men should let these things be surprises.

"These must be surprised. I have had like two surprises. And now what you guys do for me here. Y 'all almost made me lose my manhood. No not to ngano and sugar, please. Men, no birthday."