A few days ago, a certain video of a man calling out women who use their social media pages to shake booty while not doing anything educative went viral.

His concern is just like many others, why has it become normal that social media is now a tool used to sell sexual desires and nothing else of value, specially from the young girls.

Tedd Josiah also has the same concern. Especially because he has a small daughter who needs mentorship. A daughter who has access to all these social media platforms but they are of no educational value.

"LADIES!!!!!!!!!Who will teach the Princesses 👸🏽 how to become Queens 👸🏽? Who will teach the Queens how to become Empresses 👑 and build Empires through conquests and hard work? There’s a new generation of toddlers coming up now just like little JayJay here. They can now operate remotes, ingest information from YouTube, scroll down phones, see tiktok videos and all the content our women are uploading….As a man i know i can’t teach my daughter how to carry herself as a Queen 👑, some of it she will see how other women walk and talk and carry themselves…. Those influences can become who she becomes….. and a whole generation right now adores easy cash, “free” holidays and material that’s causing little girls to think they should look a certain way, be a certain way and not value HARD WORK. Ladies you are the example for the next generation after you. Please show these little Queens how to become Empresses LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😆#RaisingJay #TheManMom"

The concern of many parents on his comment section was just the same and all they could say, was God help this generation coming up because there is really so much parents can do.