Today on The Morning Kiss, Chito Ndlovu had so many hilarious stories to tell that included details of how a lady friend had a terrible smell, and now when he sees her pictures online, he's reminded of it.

Anyway, that aside, Mercy Kyallo dropped by our studios where she spoke about her business and the journey from hawking to being a CEO.


"We have known each other for 10 years I do not know why we have not done this. I am so excited to see how far you have come from selling shoes in University." Chito said

Laughing at this, she mentioned that Chito never bought her shoes back in school.

"I was hawking these shoes of them in a big bag and that was the start if me knowing the core of sales. If you learn how to sell that is a skill you will use all your life.


In between shoes and Yallo, I was in various jobs and one job I did in government I hated it because you feel like you're doing nothing. Sorry for anyone in government. Then I worked in a very big advertising company in Kenya and there I learned about branding and all which are tricks I use up to date." Mercy shared

Chito asked her how she came up with the name  'Yallo Leather' and Mercy giggled before narrating the very funny and interesting story behind it.

"Initially the company was Batian. I loved it because of the peak of Mt. Kenya and that was registered with a group of friends and now when you become goal oriented, and I was chilling with my designer and someone said I should name the bag business Kyallo Bags and I thought no, so many di*k and Harry in Ukambani is called Kyallo so she suggested I remove the 'K' and that is how I came up with 'Yallo'. So the name was not my idea it a strangers.

Adding that,

I get all my leather locally, finding solutions in Kenya. My goal is to be in every household in one way or the other."

Mercy Kyallo has owned this business for five years now, admitting one year was a briefcase business and the rest is four years of the actual business.

Throughout this time, she was online and just last year during a pandemic, she opened a store.

"I love my new store and where it is. I love the ambiance and the people there. It was the best place to set it up there. I settled there because our factory is in the side of town because the main thing in business is reducing cost. The ambiance of the Roslyen mall, the shopping space and the shopping partners.

When the decision came to open a shop was that people said they can come to a physical shop and that was the plus of starting online because we have created a fan base." Mery said