Xtain Dela is probably the happiest man right now after announcing he will soon be a father. 

He posted - actually he's still posting - adorable pictures of him and his girl, Fatmah showing off a baby bump and boy aren't they cute.

"Many ladies are out there fighting so hard trying to be the KINGS in their relationships while expecting to be treated like the QUEENS. Ladies, treat your man like a KING and he will QUEEN you faster and better than you thought. Men, if you agree please type a big YES!!" Xtain advised his fellow followers.

Here are some of his fellow male celebrities wishing him all the best in this new journey;

Naiboi: BEAUTIFUL ❤️

Nick Mutuma: Love to see it bro! Welcome to the sweet side of life @xtiandela ❤️

Edgar Obare: Congratulations to you both. 🍾❤️

Chris Kirwa: ALAA congratulations 👏👏✊✊

DJ Mo: Congratulations, it’s time to focus .. ! Blessings galore on your new phase.

Alex Mwakideu: Hapo sawa kaka... CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the club!!!

Willy Paul: @xtiandela congratulations for having unprotected sex with ur girlfriend mwaga-ing ndani and making her pregnant. Congratulations and welcome to this other side sir!

Congratulations once more Hon. Xtian Dela