Singer Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby and comedian MCA Tricky have for the longest time been rumored to be a couple.

But last week tulipigwa na butwa when Tricky introduced his girl to his fans and so many people had a lot of opinions. But he really did not care because at the end of the day, love wins.

In her recent Q&A with her fans on Instagram Rue was asked if she still dates Tricky and she responded by saying,

”Isele ebu skia hawa watu. Kwani we were together”

The rumors all came from the small video clips they did together that did not look like just normal content but some lovey dovey going on between them.

Clearly, it was just content. And we fell for it, then they are actually good at acting.

We know who MCA Tricky is dating now all we are left with is seeing who is this that makes Rue smile.