We are always seeing Frankie Kiarie aka Just GymIt in Corazon Kwamboka's house but we also see him at his house a few times here and there.

Of course, this makes us ask why? Why not just have one house and live together as a family happily ever after?

Well, during an Instagram Q&A, Frankie was asked the reason why and he said it is because Corazon loves her space.


”Corazon loves her space. She would rather be in her house than anywhere else. Even when she’s at my house, she’s always complaining. ”We’ve just decided that her house becomes the primary house. But I still have my place” The fitness coach answered.

With that said, another fan asked him who pays the rent in Corazon's house. With so much confidence, Frankie said,

"My friend, it is her house she owns it there is no rent to be paid."

This is the most appropriate time to say 'And that's on periodt'.

Frankie was in the same situation with Maureen Waititu but he basically lived in that house. We barely if ever saw him in his house up until he split with the mother of his first two children.