Hopeful Westlands MP aspirant Xtain Dela dropped a bombshell on Monday with his girlfriend Fahtma. That the two are soon to be parents.

Their pregnancy photo shoot was creative and a bit decent and so speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas talked about baby bump photoshoots.

"I always call him Christian, okay Xtian Dela. The baby bump they did is good, I like how they did it the way they've painted because it is hiding a bit and it has been cleaned up nicely.


If you were to get pregnant today because even Mary mother of Jesus did not know and she got a child. Which baby bump shoot would you go for?" Jalas asked Kamene

Now I am sure you have heard her say it a couple of times that she is not going to have children.

"Me? Shoot? I am out there showing off my stomach? You will just be surprised after I have given birth. I do not want people looking at my child with those bad eyes. " Kamene said


"Ooh beautiful child kuangaliwa na macho mbaya? You believe in such things?" Jalas interjected

Kamene then asked Jalas and her fans not to pray for her to get children because that is how she will leave work.

"Yes very much. I will not expose my baby to the vices of social media and the opinions of people? Actually do not wish for me to get pregnant because I will take maternity leave from the day I find out I am pregnant to the day my child will walk."

A shocked Heavy J advised Kamene saying,

"So you mean you will leave work. But whatever you decide to do as your baby bump shoot, just make sure it is a decent one."

Then Kamene asked

"For what? Imagine if I get those pregnancies where my nose is so wide. Did you do one?"

To which he responded saying,

"Do an early one and release until you give birth. My wife did one she sent me a picture but at least she was clothed."