So many people from Tanzania who have made it have almost always been accused of using witchcraft to get to the top.

This time, Diamond's sister, Queen Darleen was accused by her best friend Masha of bewitching singer Zuchu, Diamond's signee under WCB.

According to Masha, Darleen wanted the 'Sukari' hitmaker's downfall in her career.

In a recent interview with Wasafi Media, Zuchu shut down the claims saying that they are still very good friends.

"Just the other day, she was at my house, we are cool, I beg, leave us alone. You can't believe she was the first person to tell me about the trending news"

After the news went viral, Zuchu shared a cryptic message talking about fake friends;


"One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my journey is that the bigger you Grow the fake people Around you become Fame has a price and in most cases is losing people. People I possibly thought I knew or trusted become strangers in no time Wow.But hey, it is called real life" The Sukari singer added

In the interview, Zuchu added that Queen Darleen has refused to forgive Masha for spreading the rumors.

"I asked Masha to beg Queen Darleen for forgiveness, she is probably the one who  is a little hard to give the forgiveness and if you have hard feelings against one person, you will get angry over the entire industry"