Kenyans will never cease to amaze. If you ever need a good laugh, they represent fully on the internet.

I am sure you have seen the report google released on most searched personalities, questions, musicians, etc.

The top three most searched questions are, 'How to make love, 'How to kiss' and 'What is love'. Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas could not hold back their laughter.


"You know there is no manual and people want to do it better. Unless you're a herbalist (Ezekiel aliwacha kazi) and maybe you watch a lot of herbalists doing their thing and you have learned a few skills. That is why people are googling that. To know the process. How many cases were there last year of people dying in the midst of doing the thing? People are asking themselves what is it they did wrong and people want to be perfect and make their partners happy. I am very happy with that top search." Jalas said

Kamene then asked him,

"But if that is your justification, guys who used to do it before the internet? What did they do?" 

Giggling, he said it must have been all about trial and error.

"Experimenting tu. That is why they have been looking for the spot and have never found it. "