Janet Mbugua has for the first time ever revealed the one time she did the most to get attention.

See for some of you, clowning is what you have done thinking it will get that man or woman your attention. That is not the case for Ms. Mbugua.

Speaking during a Q and A segment on Phantom Extra Ordinaire, the mother of two shared this information with Jeff Koinange.

"There was this time in Malaysia shortly after the Tsunami. I had gone there for Uni and there was this benefit concert and all these celebs were in town.

I was a young college student with my friends.

Boyz 2 Men were walking past and we screamed so hard till the media attention was on us, we needed that attention.

We were like this is Boyz 2 Men and we have loved them all our life, We were almost climbing over the rails.

Eventually, they came back we had a chat and signed autographs."

Janet was clear that those were some of her good and fun times. But how can it not be. I mean chatting with Boyz II Men, dream come true.