Lady Mandy and Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers are doing an amazing job. Their son Baby O is 11 months old.

Taking to social media, Lady Mandy posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her son. The interesting thing about this picture is that she is lying down and her son is feeding while standing.

"HOW it's going 11 months later ? See dude ... 😝🤣🤣He knows how to position himself when he wants to feed. My nipples feel like they may have fallen off sometimes, and a search party in his mouth may be required 😭😭🤣🤣when I have missed his bedtime, the only thing to ease the missing and mum guilt is that feeding session. The magic of the ghettaux is right there. #magicalghettaux. But, I am also ready for both of us to fly. For him to explore his independence and for me to get to know the woman I am now. To sleep. To wear clothes without thinking about if I can breastfeed or not. Note: I do not subscribe to covering when feeding. I do not need to make anyone comfortable for my child's basic needs. Food."

This is breastfeeding week and as a mother, Mandy gave her story to encourage other mothers who are going through the most when it comes to feeding their child.

"See the first 3/4 months were extremely hard... with Flat nipples that needed a bit of help so my child could feed, the use of a nipple shield was then needed. This worked. Yeh baby could feed. Then followed cracked nipples caused by friction of the shield against an overworked nipple because we were battling to a mild case of jaundice (common in Newborn ), then followed with a bacterial infection that lasted for what seemed like an eternity."

In all this, she said she formed the deepest connection with her son through breastfeeding.