The writer of the Batman comic book series has explained why the time was right for his crime-fighting buddy Robin to come out as bisexual.

Robin first teamed up with the superhero in 1940, to help keep the streets of Gotham City safe.

Now in the latest edition of Batman: Urban Legends, Robin, aka Tim Drake, has revealed his sexual identity.

Writer Meghan Fitzmartin told BBC Radio 4's Today it felt like the "missing piece" of his narrative.

"We were looking at what could we do with Tim and what stories do we want to tell with Tim," she said. "It's been a while since he's had his own story."

"I went back and I read a bunch of the comics that I grew up with and just really spent some time with that character to figure out what stories did I want to tell and there were these pieces that kept coming together that felt that they didn't have context without this final piece of having him realize his own sexuality, that this is part of who he is as a person and as a character.


She added: "It felt like this was a missing piece in the understanding of this character, so it was sort of moving forward in that in that direction."

Down the years, the alter-ego of Robin has been adopted by different characters in the story, from Dick Grayson [see actor Burt Ward pictured above] to Damian Wayne, via Jason Todd and Tim Drake.

At one stage, Drake's girlfriend Stephanie Brown donned the uniform and acted as Batman's trusted assistant but was sacked for not obeying his orders.