Rashid Abdalla and his wife Lulu Hassan are the couple we all wish to be like. I mean you work with your manz and live with him and can still afford a cute smile.

Not only a cute smile but those cute inside jokes. Have you seen these two on air and on social media, a match made in heaven no lie.

Mr. Abdalla shared a photo showing his wife Lulu cooking on a three-stoned fire cooker while barefoot and wrote;

"Akikupenda wewe muache akipenda uwewe usimuache." (If she loves you, leave her but if she loves who you are, don't leave her)

Dear millennials, if you want that man or woman to stay, this is probably the best advise you will ever hear. We are in a generation where love looks like a joke but it is because we lack the right advice. 

The two have always been open and honest even on their segment on Citizen TV where they bring in Bi Mswafari. You can always tell these two speak from experience.

Of course it is not always flowers and cakes, but they make it work.