Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas are out here saying those things we never want to talk about, wababa!

"Dame akikuja kukukatia na akona dame ama wife, tell them, kubwa kubwa go. You want to spoil my life?" Kamene tried to advise these men

Then Jalas asked a very important question, how many men will actually push away the babes and Kamene was quick to say that never happens.

"Married men are good people. I have seen them pull away when a lady comes to dance with them. They even show their rings when that famous Beyoncé song plays." Jalas sarcastically said

Kamene who was definitely not convinced said,

"Which part of the world is this please? You know how I feel about married men. There is one guy who told me, do you know what this ring means? I am married but I am still available."

Then Jalas dropped a bombshell of hard facts.

"In Nairobi, even Kilimani. Married men are truthfully supporting their partners from these vultures.

There is nothing like dating a married man. Stop saying you're dating him. You have opened a bank account where you will be getting money and that is why you're with him. Imagine dating a married man and you're broke?"

Kamene responded saying,

"Weh! You have shut down like 100,000 babes in Langata. You have to pick a struggle babe, you can't be suffering from everything."

Babes wa Langata mtajitetea mkiwa pande gani?